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An Evening Affairs (1)
An Evening Affairs (1)
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Oct 21, 2023, 4:00 PM
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Designs by Lauren Edward Events & Decor LLC.


Custom Events, Floral Arrangements, Rentals, & Decor 

Creating Moments That Last A Lifetime

Loving Couple

Our Story

At Designs by Lauren Edward, we believe in creating unique moments that leave a lasting impression. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we really listen to our clients, creating distinctive events tailored to their specific needs and desires. Because of our reputation in both events and home decor our customers seek our unique style before, during after as the move their various stages of their lives. Our innovative mix of solutions ensures that every detail is covered. Get in touch to learn how we can make your dream event a reality.

Creating Memories

Wedding Table

About Us

Creating Memories

We at Designs by Lauren Edward are a group of seasoned specialists, passionate about curating unforgettable experiences that inspire.  With accomplished event producers and some of the most creative minds in the industry, Our Event Planning & Decor Company delivers every project, from initial concept through the entire event itself.  Since 2000, we have worked with a large number of clients from many different backgrounds, tailoring each event to meet their specific needs and desires. We thrive on making your dream event a reality.  


Dual Service Entities


As our clients evolve throughout the various stages of their lives; we cater to their needs.

Events: Event Planning, Coordination & Design, Decorating, Party Rentals, Programs, Floral Design, Backdrops, Photo Booth & Staging, Valet Services, Bartending & Photography.

Type:  Engagements, Bridal Party Showers, Nuptials, New home Decor, Private parties, Conferences, Baby showers, Religious events, Holidays, Reunions, Graduations, Golden years events, Retirements and Memorial services.

Decor: Custom home decor and interior design.

Type: Any Decor; such as drapes, valences, bedding, pillows. Custom Embroidery Services, Seamstress Services, & Custom Signage, Vinyl Decals,  Tailor & Repair clothing & Custom T-Shirts.

The Team at Designs by Lauren Edward

Get to Know Us

IMG_1744 3.JPG

CEO; Event Planner & Coordinator, Creative Director, & Custom Floral Arrangements



Chi Wedding.jpeg

Season: Spring

# of Guest: 450-500

Theme: Natural

Color: Fresh Greenery and Ivory


Past Services

As a seasoned Wedding Planning Company, we are proud to have produced some incredible events over the years. Scroll through for a glimpse of some of the highlights, and to get inspired for your own event.

Engaged Couple Holding Hands

Engagement Party

San Francisco

We provide a service that embodies the precious moments you will always remember.   Engagements are a celebration of a life-changing event with your closest family and friends.

Wedding Reception

North Carolina

Client:   Arolla & Jason Stephen
Theme: Elegant, Royal Blue & White
Season: Fall           Venue: A Step to Gold
Bridal Party: 18      # Guest: 150
Services: Reception - Coordination, Reception & Cocktail Hour, Decor Centerpieces, Catering Supply Rental, Bar Tender & & Reception Program Services.  (setup/breakdown of all services performed)   
Highlight of this event:  The evening was starry eyed with the Bride and Groom featured with a vast array of entertainment embracing the Vietnamese Culture.  A well choreographed dance by the Bridal Party as a tribute to the Groom.

Girls at Outdoor Party

Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party


Rustic Style bridal Shower, embellished with balloon pillars.

Theme: Rustic; Gold

Venue: Myrtle Beach /Resort

Guest: Bridesmaids & Bride

Services: Bridal Shower Coordination, Balloon Art, Bachelorette Party Favors & attire. 

Wedding Ceremony

Raleigh, NC

Nothing compliments a backdrop like a touch of lace and a dashing smile to shed light to new beginnings, admired by a room full of excited guest.

Theme: Chic; Champagne & White with a dapper of Red Floral Arrangements.

Venue: C3 at the Venue

# Guest: 50 Socially distanced

Services: Wedding Ceremony Coordination & Decorating; Champagne & White, Gold Hexagon Backdrop & Floral Designs, Unique Pew & Isle decor with floor lanterns, Wedding Programs. 

Highlight of the Event: The Groom's vows to his stepson.  He captured the audience with tears of joy and love. 


Wedding Reception

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 6.47.52 PM.png

Raleigh, NC

Client:   Jair & James Wilson  

Theme: Chic, Champagne & Red

Season: Spring     

Venue: C3 at the Venue

Bridal Party: 10     

# Guest: 80

Services: Ceremony & Reception: Planning, Coordination, Decorating, Floral Arrangements Ceremony & Reception Centerpieces, Backdrops, Lighting, AV Rental, Photo Booth, & Wedding & Reception Program  Stationary and Decor.  

(setup/breakdown of all services performed)   

Highlight of this event:  Our lovely couple embraced safety first with engraved mask for all guest.  Their Wedding featured all Black Owned  Vendors including talented local artists to entertain their  guest.   A touch of elegance mixed with glam.  


South Carolina

Client: Maignan

Theme: Elegant; Black mixed with Flaca

Season: Winter 

Venue: Residential

Service Provided: Linen, Centerpiece, Programs, Floral Arrangements,Balloon Art Cross,  Catering, Party Rentals (China, Flatware, Stemware, tables & chairs)

Highlight of the Event: The evening was tranquil. Guest enjoyed warm roast of their beloved.

IMG_2494 8.JPG

Baby Shower

South Carolina

Client: Jasmin Fevrin

# Guest: 60 

Season:  Spring

Theme: Dusty Blue & White

Location:  Simpsonville, SC

Venue: Hall

Services Performed: Linen, Centerpieces,  Balloon Arch, Catering Supplies & Programs.

Highlight of the Event: Expectant mom was surprised! During the reception, "Mom to Be," was relaxed while she was showered with love and emotion along  with lots of fun games.  The Grandparents made sure she was well prepared for her newborn.

80th Birthday Celebration

North Carolina

# guest: 90

Theme: Black & White Damask, Silver, Black

Season: Winter

Venue: The Clayton Center

Services:  Planning, Coordination, Floral Arrangement, DJ, Centerpieces, linen, Catering; Hors D'oeuvres & Dinner, Flatware, Stemware & China, Reception Backdrops:  Photo Booth, Selfie Station & Balloon Art. Guest of honor video stream

Stationary: Invitation, Program, Thank you cards

Highlight of the Event:  A Classy Surprise party to bring on the excitement of family and friends.  Lots of games & talented family singing throughout the evening. Barbara said, she felt like Cinderella at her own ballroom gala. 


70th Birthday Celebration

Zebulon, NC

Season:  Late Winter
Theme:  Dusty Blue and Rose gold
# of Guest:  Private celebration of twelve
Service: Rental; Linen, china,  stemware, silverware, centerpieces, tables and chairs. Weeping dogwood tree.  All items prepared and carefully packaged so you can begin your journey of transforming you home into wonderland.
Special Highlights:  Enjoy the intimacy of a private celebration in your home. Allow your  guest of honor to feel special and elated in gorgeous setting.  The delicate sound of chatter and laughter fills the room with grace.


North Carolina

Levon & Suzette 30th Anniversary
# of Guest: 2
Theme: Micro Event / Surprise Anniversary Dinner for two.
Color: Silver, Peach & White
Services Performed: Decor, Photo Booth, Catering (Vegan & Pescatarian Dinner for 
Highlight: The Mushroom Steak and  Bok Choy with Curry Honey Glazed sauce were a fantastic!  It was a delightful evening/. Our private chef prepared the meal as requested; everything was perfect including the decor and floral arrangement.  Later that evening we enjoyed our time taking memorable photos with our children.


Mega Wedding 

NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC


Theme: Natural Colors: Natural Ivory and green# 
Guest: 450 
Services performed: Custom Floral decor for the wedding/reception, signage, centerpieces, flower walls, boxwood walls), Planning, Coordinating, Decorating, Backdrops, & Balloon art & Bartending.
Highlights of the event:  The decor created an ambiance that made this horse complex into a fairy tail.  Premium linen, fine china and stemware were provided.  A modern look with lovely garlands and hooded chair sashes.  Custom made floral arrangements and centerpieces that reached 6ft tall cascading gently towards the gazing eyes of guests.  Such collaboration between the Planner, Caterer, Cake, Decorating team & Fairgrounds staff to make this event memorable. An exciting event with fine dining and added flair with a surprise dance by the couple.  The band kept the guest on the dance floor all night.  While guest dance, some took advantage of photo opportunities at the photo booth and custom balloon wall and also enjoyed all night bar services. The lovely couple shared great times with friends and family.


Charlotte, NC

# of Guest: 100

College or University: Brown University

Theme: White, Apple Red, BrownBrunch: Southern

Services: Floral arrangements & centerpieces, Decor, Backdrops & Catering. 

Highlight of the event:  The Band, “Strangers that clique”, the food; “ Chicken & Waffles, Shrimp and Grits, Brisket sliders, Mac n Cheese & Corn Casserole.” along with an awesome pallet of guest having diverse backgrounds in connection to Joie childhood and beyond; Church, Jack and Jill, schoolmates, and many long time family friends. 
Our graduate presented detail accounts of “ Th Brown Experience” while she attended there. The crowds gathered to hear “Strangers that Clique, Band” play and featured Joie’s talented Brother.   It was evident This graduate was raised by a village, guest gave warm roast their personal experiences of Joie, such an amazing lady!
The decor encompassed apple red damask and brown with white as a base underlayment. A lovely cake tower and beautiful brown university graduation accents throughout the reception hall. Backgrounds featured university themed red and brown balloon wall, flower hydrangea wall, a boxwood wall and rustic selfie station engraved with the guest of honors name.


Mega Wedding Reception

North Carolina


Client:   Hyong & Dan Ya

Theme: East meets Country Charm; Lots of Florals, Dusty blue & Lavender decor

Season: Summer

Venue: The Barn at Broadslab

Bridal Party: 16

# Guest: 325

Services: Ceremony & Reception: Planning, Coordination, Decorating, Floral Arrangements Ceremony & Reception Centerpieces, Backdrops, Lighting, AV Rental, Photo Booth, & Wedding & Reception Program  Stationary and Decor.  

(setup/breakdown of all services performed)   

Highlight of this event:  Our lovely couple embraced their Vietnamese tradition with a bit of Country Charm… during the processional, the bridal party elegantly walked down the isle and parted as the Bridesmaids gave the Groomsmen a beautiful sash along with the giving of gifts.  The bride had several dazzling wardrobe changes that enchanted her Groom as well as the guest.  At the reception, the couple was introduced in the balcony overlooking the center of the barn with a touch of whit fog.  The entertained included several soloists and fantastic Vietnamese wedding dancers.  The decor made a statement where East meets Country charm, wonderland of tall florals throughout.  The bridal backdrop feature plenty of greenery and a hint of the brides favorite flower orchids. 

60th Birthday Celebration

North Carolina

# guest: 70

Theme: All White Party

White, Willow green and Sage

Season: Fall

Venue: Piazza at Portofino

Services:  Planning, Coordination, Floral Arrangements, Band, Catering, Photography, Bartenders, Sommelier, Cigar Services, Catering; Hors D'oeuvres, Charcuterie & Dinner including Vegan Options

Decor: Flatware, Stemware & China, Reception Backdrop, 

Stationary: Digital Video Invitation & Programs

Highlight of the Event:  This pristine event featured three Days of fun and excitement to help celebrate the guest of honor’s birthday… Beginning with an evening Meet & Greet Duke Social, the second day involved a Mani/Pedi Retreat followed by an All White Surprise Participants had their final send off as the Par Teed with Monica Golfing.  The “All White Party” had plenty of activities for guest to partake in… Live Band and various tastings; Wine, Bourbon and Cigars.  Our guests of honor received a standing ovation by both family and friends dressed in white to celebrate her 60th.  Monica said, she felt like Beyoncé when she made her grand entrance.



Apex, NC

Client:  Terri McCord & Tarron  
Theme:  Lavender & White
Season: Spring            
# Guest: 50 -60
Services: Party Rental; Linen, Backdrop & Centerpiece    
Highlight of this event:  The rental provided a decor that made the event pleasant.  Packaging was great, beautiful arrangements and detail description of how to setup was provided.  My compliments on the color scheme and quality of the rental items.  

The balloons added a nice touch.

Gender Reveal Reception

North Carolina

Client:  Christina & Richard
Theme:  Boxing; Pink vs Blue 
Season: Fall          

# Guest: 30-40
Services: Catering, Party rentals, Decor,  & Backdrops

Highlight of the Event:  The yard was transformed into a real boxing ring w/balloon columns and lots of pink & blue decor.   The guest enjoyed the food tremendously.  The Cake were memorable; especially the design and detail.  We enjoyed the whimsical backdrop.


50 Birthday Celebration


Raleigh, North Carolina

Client:  Tawana Reels
Theme:  Black & Gold Elegent
Season: Spring       

# Guest: 60-80
Services: Catering, Florals, Decor,  Catering,  Backdrops, DJ, Bartender, Day of Coordination

Highlight of the Event:  Catering, Decor, Backdrops, Casino & Music.  

 A fabulous idea of celebrating an event in a museum, plenty of entertainment for the guest of honor and the guests to partake in.  The VIP premier,  was an added touch to showcase our guest of honor, special dance with her husband and the warm roast from family & friends was endearing.  Guest danced the night away.  

Various vegan dishes complimented  guest appetite, the food was great. The sweets table indulged our guest during breaks. 

Tawana said she had a fabulous night.

Past Services

As a seasoned Wedding Planning Company, we are proud to have produced some incredible events over the years. Scroll through for a glimpse of some of the highlights, and to get inspired for your own event.

Like what you see? Get in touch to plan your next event.
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Baby Shower

Clayton, NC

Client: Christina & Richard

Venue: Piazza at Portofino

Theme: Jungle Safari

Color: Brown & Mint Green 

Services: Catering, DJ, Soloist, Cake, Decor, Floral Arrangements, & custom Backdrops 

Highlight of the event:  

Entertainment; The Soloist was amazing; our guests gave her a standing ovation.  The Disc Jockey played Safari Music to go with the theme and made our guest  feel like they were a part of the safari, they also enjoyed dancing.  

Decor; The decor was pristine a nice bright and airy feeling.

Backdrops; the backdrops surprised us all with a 7-foot Jungle book with safari animals.  Everyone enjoyed the Jungle book the most.  There were several other backdrops that gave our guest plenty of photos to remember. We enjoyed the french patties & seafood.

50th Birthday Celebration  


Clayton, NC

Nothing compliments 50 with a Masquerade gala. The guest of Hollywood  entrance allowed her fans (guest) to shower her with love.

Theme: Elegant Masquerade Gala

Color: Champagne & White 

Entertainment: Soloist, Steel Drummer  & Casino 

Venue: Portofino

# Guest:100  

Services: Reception, Planning,  Coordination & Decorating;   Backdrop & Floral Designs. 

Highlight of the Event: The element of surprise presented by the guest wearing unique Masks.  The soloist engaged the crowd singing "We are Family", guest sang along, dancing in the longest Congo line ever.   The mouth watering Caribbean  dinner was astonishing. The blackjack and roulette  tables added a touch of excitement while others danced the night away.


Double Graduation Reception

Holly Springs, NC

Client:  Kiana & Janae Carter

Theme: Chic, Champagne & Purple

Season: Summer     

Venue:Holly Springs Clubhouse 

# Guest: 50

Services: Reception:  Planning, Coordination, Decorating, Floral Arrangements Catering/Watermelon Cake .  

(setup/breakdown of all services performed)   

Highlight of this event:  Axe Throwing as a form of entertainment and trivia.  Two sisters that embraced their future lovingly with family and friends.   


Charlotte, NC

Client: Gwenn

Theme: Elegant; Rosegold and White

Season: Spring

Venue: Residential Clubhouse ballantine

Service Provided: Linen, Centerpiece, Programs, Floral Arrangements,Balloon Art/ Backdrop, Party Rentals (China, Flatware, Stemware, tables & chairs)

Highlight of the Event: The evening was tranquil. Guest enjoyed dinner & warm roast of their colleague.

IMG_0110 4.JPG


Charlotte,  NC

Client: Jamaican American Cultural Association

# Guest: 200

Season:  Summer

Theme: Black & Yellow

Location: Charlotte, NC

Venue: Midtown Ballroom

Services: Full Service; Appetizer/Buffet Staions, Tableware, Floral Arrangements, Backdrops & decor setup/breakdown

Highlight of the Event: The floral arrangements received overwhelming accolades, the decor was elegant and vibrant. Guest enjoyed the quality of services performed and the professionalism of staff.  The Jamaican dinner was fabulous.

Doctoral Dissertation Celebration

Charlotte, NC

# guest: 60

Client: Georgina Fiorentino: Successfully Defending Her Dissertation

Theme: Chic, Royal Blue & Green

Season: Fall

Venue: Residential

Services:  Planning, Coordination, Floral Arrangement, Centerpieces, linen, Catering; Hors D'oeuvres & Dessert, Flatware, Stemware & China,  Backdrop

Stationary: Digital Invitation, Program

Highlight of the Event:  The Guest of Honor speech for her achievement.  The decor and the backdrops gave plenty of photos opportunity for guest.  Appetizers were a delightful  with a fine touch of various flavors .  What a way to achievement  for the gust of honor.


Kingdom Life Church Events

Zebulon, NC

Client: Kingdom Life Church

Season:  Spring, Summer, Fall
Theme:  Multiple: Grand Opening, Easter, Christmas
# of Guest:  Entire Parish Celebration  
Service: Rental; Backdrop

Special Highlights:  A variety of backdrops to share memories of celebratory  ministries.  A powerful impact Kingdom Life has made  prayer and outreach as they transform the community  with love, encouragement, and economic hope.   

Like what you see? Get in touch to plan your next event.
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What our Clients Have To Say

Wedding Decorations

Arolla Stephans

"Wedding of the Year!"

We received compliments about the decor and how professional the staff were.  Our planner, immediately took lead throughout the entire reception, taking the time to address the needs of the bride, bridesmaids and the guest.  She did everything I asked for and more.  The environment was elegant and classy!  

James & Jairi Wilson
Tamecia Key

"An Unforgettable Evening!"

Our wedding and reception was extremely authentic, tastefully done with a touch of class and elegance.  Our planner was more than accommodating; well organized and paid great attention to detail.  The decor was inviting, innovative and our guest were in the state of awe...  The entire experience will always be remembered and treasured for a lifetime.

Jasmin Fevrin

My baby shower was Beautiful, everything I could have imagined and more.  The decorations were fabulous, extremely creative.  My guest well planned and designs were perfect.

Barbara Priest

What a surprise!  Everything was beautifully set up, elegant and really nice.  Every one of my quest complimented me on this event; the decor, the food and the entertainment.  My family enjoyed the Photo Booth and Selfie station the most.  Laure' and her team put a great deal of time to ensuring safety came first with a complete Covid kit given to each person.  All the meals were served and the kindness and professionalism they displayed were exceptional.  The decor was amazing, On a whole, I rate my 80th, one hundred!  I loved every moment and all the detail.

 Anthony & Monica Johnson

My wife's 60th Birthday weekend event was nice.  All of our guest really enjoyed themselves.  The Food Lauretta & her catering team was outstanding.  The DBLE Team was very professional. The vendors were wonderful. We thank Lauretta for planning and executing our event.

Terri McCord

Party Rental:  For the novice like me, I found the written instructions pertaining to setting up very helpful.  The packaging was great! You have many options and beautiful floral arrangements. I wish I would have had the time to review all the options. My guests complimented on the color scheme and quality of the rental items.

Trumpet Player

Local Vendors

At Designs by Lauren Edward work with a variety of local Artists, Disc Jockeys and Photographers.  Our vision is to make your event unforgettable!

Wedding Cake:

* Geisha Cross - A Taste of Love Creations

Vegan Cakes

*  Tonette Johnson - Pleasant Surprises


* Kim Stevens - Making Memories Event Planning & Staffing


* Praise Iwuchukwu

* Ronald Taboron - RTP Photography


* Band: Jonny White - Johnny White & the Elite Band


* Steel Drummer: Jerome Fredrick - Workforce Harmonics 

* String Trio: Ray green - The Foscoe Philharmonic

* Soloist: Tarron McCord - Classical, Jazz, Gospel

Disc Jockeys: 

* David Atckinson, Vibes* DJ services

* Erick Princess- DJ Don’t Ya Kno?

 by Ivan Hollaway;

* Ron Taberon, RTP Music

* DJTrappwizzard - Rodney Womble 


* Meleanated Wine 

* Seven Springs 

Cigar Specialists:

* Abbie's Tobacco Shop


Party Aces

​Venues we have worked with:

  • City of Raleigh Museum

  • Raleigh State fair

  • Piazza at Portofino

  • The Clayton Center

  • The Barn at BroadSlab

  • Touch of Gold

  • 3 C Venue

  • Charlotte Midtown Ballroom

  •  Raileigh Drive Shack

First Dance

Every Detail Matters...

Happy Wife, Happy Life!
Happy Spouse, Happy House!


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6135 Park South Drive, Suite 510
Charlotte, NC 28210


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